New Paradise Laboratories  

Simon Wilde 

I used to share floor space with Geri, 
but serving the ambivalence of one who inspires 
fury, madness, poetry, & wisdom didn't 
really end up being my thing. 
Anyway, the ravens would squawk at each other all night 
every night, 
& though I never was one for much sleep, 
I preferred my thoughts to myself.

So I wander, now. 
I like to eat poetry. 
I knock off the hats of people I dislike as they pass me on the sidewalk. 
I like to pick out couples in bars,
& predict whose face will flash resentment first,
& whose will flash forgiveness.
I stare at people for much longer than is socially appropriate.

I like looking through crowds 
for the red hair & green eyes & pale face of the woman I fell 
next to love with in Kejimekujik National Park, 
though if I ever find her I have a feeling I'd turn to ice.

I backpack along the emotional wildernesses of perfect strangers
I'll buy them drinks, if I have the money,
& listen & listen & sway.
I hunt, I suppose. Not sure what for.

I'm fascinated by anything you can swear I've never seen before.
My eyesight isn't very good, 
but I can smell your doubt from here.
Don't do that. Don't doubt.

Let me. 

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