New Paradise Laboratories  


FRAME exists as an antidote to the mundane. A drugless drug.

  • We hunger for the unbridled imagination, for elemental mysteries, for the ability to hallucinate - awake and in public. In FRAME, you will find thousands of arresting images, songs, concepts, essays, and ideas excavated through the reach of the Internet. Some of them we generate. Some of them you generate. Most of them we excavate and mix. In Frame, we curate our obsessions into view.  
  • NPL believes that an entirely new artistic practice is possible on the Internet. We believe it can work like a mix tape or a collage – viewpoints expressed by our Specialists highlight the thoughts and feelings of others. 
  • We believe that it is the responsibility of artists to intrude into the Internet. Without intervention, we yield this tool exclusively to the interests of commerce.  


FRAME is an intervention.

  • We suggest that a fight against ennui, depression,and isolation can take place online.  Frame encourages artistic complexity: it allows a beautiful image to be juxtaposed with a grotesque one. A ridiculous idea to coexist with a profound one. We know the mind is capable of listening to these many frequencies at the same time.
  • FRAME exists to provoke fiction through the development of alter egos. 
  • Participants are invited to engage and fall down rabbit holes. We invite interested artists, musicians, playwrights, composers, poets and more to contribute.  

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